Bienal Cerámica Korea 2009

Ceramists from every corner of the world are invited to take part in the 5th World Ceramic Biennale 2009 Korea (CEBIKO) International Competition. This grand-scale international event participated by the world's finest ceramic artists focuses on defining new values and creative direction for the 21st century ceramic arts. The international competition exhibition, one of the main events of the 5th World Ceramic Biennale Korea, will be held from April 25 to June 21 in 2009, where ceramic artists from across the globe will compete in categories of "Ceramics for Use" and "Ceramics as Expression." The judging panel is comprised of venerated ceramic experts representing each continent, and the winners of the competition will receive the largest cash prize ever conferred (Grand Prize: KRW 60 million, Total: KRW 213 million) to encourage their spirit of creativity and contribute to the development of ceramic arts. We anticipate talented and innovative artists to take part in the 5th CEBIKO International Competition to open a new horizon for the 21st century ceramic arts.

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